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southern accents 2Michael Dillon has been featured in many books, magazines and TV shows throughout his career.



  • HGTV's Modern Masters



Architectural Ironwork

Architectural IronworkBook Description

This book showcases a vast array of ironwork commissioned for new commercial and residential building projects. Traditional styles in modern settings and designs that reach for new visual impact help to redefine ironworks status in our current society. There are over 375 spectacular examples from more than 100 of todays top blacksmiths, supplemented with historical works from 15 countries, some derived from old French and English ironwork. These include doors and hardware, staircases and railings, and gates and fences. This book will inspire architects, builders, homeowners, and artist-blacksmiths with the wealth of beautiful ideas it contains.

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Lives Shaped by Steel

Lives Shaped by SteelBook Description:

Blacksmiths do more than shoe horses. In fact, many have never been near a horse. Artistic blacksmiths create fine additions to houses, gardens and public spaces. This book celebrates East Coast metal artists, and focuses on their outdoor work - the kind of gates or railings, signs or sculptures that add beauty to the world. The very best examples of this kind of metalwork show that the metal has become a part of its place. Each needs the other: a gate would look interesting but lost in the blacksmith's shop; the garden would be just a garden without the gate in place. When the gate and the garden are together, magic happens. The author asks how the artists do their work, where they get ideas, what challenges they face, and how they got started in their special profession. Blacksmiths will learn how others have established successful businesses, working with discriminating, high-end clients, as well as clients with smaller projects and pocketbooks. There are also fascinating interviews with over forty metal artists, delving into their philosophy of design and approach to their craft.

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Accents on Atlanta

Southern Accents MagazineSouthern Accents Magazine

Southern Accents Magazine

Blacksmith Michael Dillon forges classical English and French gates and stair rails. Often his pieces are part of a larger design, with driveway gates, walkway gates, and fence panels all part of the job. He works closely with architects to develop the designs and then labors over hot iron to bend and mold it to exact specifications.

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